2022 Winners

Winners announced for the inaugural UK Fibre Awards 2022

We are delighted to share the winners for the inaugural UK Fibre Awards 2022!

Best Rural Fibre Provider

  • Winner iconWessex Internet
  • Commended iconGiganet

Best Urban Fibre Provider

  • Winner iconG.Network
  • Commended iconMS3 Networks

Best Wholesale Fibre Provider

  • Winner iconTalkTalk Wholesale Services
  • Commended iconITS Technology Group

Best Fibre Marketing Campaign

  • Winner iconPure Broadband
  • Commended iconGiganet

Rollout Challenge Buster Award

  • Winner iconWessex Internet
  • Commended iconHawthorndon

Best Fibre Innovation Award

  • Winner iconMills
  • Commended iconThe Fibre CafĂ©
  • Commended iconTrenches Law

Best Fibre Rollout Supplier Award

  • Winner iconHawthorndon
  • Commended iconTrenches Law

Best Fibre Investment Award

  • Winner iconCityFibre
  • Commended iconGiganet

Best Fibre Leader Award

  • Winner iconGreg Mesch, CityFibre

Overall Fibre Provider of the Year

  • Winner iconGiganet
  • Commended iconGlide

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