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Recognising the UK's fibre roll out pioneers

A Digital Britain has long been high on the political, economic and social agenda and has gathered pace over the last few years with greater investment into a vibrant fibre rollout programme set to underpin the UK's economic growth for the coming decades.

The UK Fibre Awards 2022 is a truly unique awards process which will recognise the stand-out organisations, projects, technology and investments at the heart of the UK's booming fibre, alternative network and carrier sector growth.


The UK Fibre Awards uniquely recognise sector leaders in a range of technical, business and achievement categories.

Entry is limited to the number of categories where you feel your contribution to the UK's fibre industry is worthy recognition.

Entries are invited from the following organisations:

  • Altnets
  • Carriers
  • ISPs
  • Contractors
  • Advisors - M&A, legal, planning, regulatory
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Best Rural Fibre Provider

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For this industry award we are seeking entries for the best designed and built rural full fibre project. The winning entry will also have delivered stand-out digital transformation to one of the UK's hardest to reach rural areas.

Best Urban Fibre Provider

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This award focuses on overcoming the challenges of designing and constructing full fibre networks in urban areas and recognises the most impactful roll out in terms of going above and beyond to deliver wide scale digital transformation.

Best Wholesale Fibre Provider

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This award will be presented to the company that provides reseller partners with the best processes and support in the delivery of full fibre services.

Best Fibre Marketing Campaign

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This marketing excellence award will be presented to the company that most effectively increased awareness of full fibre, and spearheaded business customer engagement, or, end user engagement that led to industry leading adoption results.

Rollout Challenge Buster Award

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This award winner will demonstrate the greatest commitment to overcoming a full fibre roll out challenge, be it a regulatory, geographic/physical (or other) barrier.

Best Fibre Innovation Award

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This award will be presented to the company that the judges consider to have displayed outstanding innovation in any aspect of full fibre deployment, transforming and accelerating roll outs, including new construction techniques and design elements.

Best Fibre Rollout Supplier Award

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Aimed at constructors, engineering firms and specialist consultants, this award will be presented to the company the judges consider to have displayed outstanding support in helping a fibre provider client manage and implement a successful full fibre rollout in a UK urban or rural area.

Fibre Provider investment award

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This award recognises the achievement of altnets that have attracted significant funding. The award will be given to the business that demonstrates strategic prowess in securing the funding that will bring exceptional growth in market share.

Overall Fibre Provider of the Year

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This award recognises the broad achievements of a UK altnet, reflecting their success in driving full fibre, their agility and scalability, future growth potential and overall evolution of the business as an industry leading light.

Services to Digital Britain Award

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This award recognises the extraordinary contribution of an individual to the UK's full fibre project, including their influence on the industry and Government, and their work in driving Digital Britain opportunities for the channel.

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